I am the ever FIERCE Ms. Mae who is a big cheerleader for most underdogs and a FIERCE advocate for those who either have no voice and/or are afraid to speak their truth.

Hello All!

I started my original blog to purge all of my trials and tribulations in this life hoping to see how many people could/would actually relate and respond!

My readers and followers have not disappointed me yet and I thank each and every one of you for the great support.

I hope you continue to do so with my (our) new blog ~ laugh a little, maybe cry, and if you get angry ~ LEMME KNOW!

I love a great conversation and challenges for respecting but not necessarily agreeing with others.

We hope everyone subscribes to our website and follows us along on our midlife (?) journey into the different campsites and characters we happen upon!

In The Meantime ~

As Always ~


Domestic Abuse Support And Awareness

Ms. Mae

2 responses to “Home”

  1. I love you and can’t wait to get on the road. A random thought just popped into my head, an old poem I wrote…

    There once was a cow that was bloated. It was in a river and it floated. I jumped on its side, and went for a ride. A good time was had let it be noted.

    Circa 1982 Roo Stack

  2. Ms. Mae…I could not be more excited to start this adventure with you and like the sign says…Sorry for what I said when I was parking the camper.

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