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About uS

My partner in life showed up out of nowhere.

Well, kind of.

A portrait by Roo F. Stack

Although we did go to the same high school together.

Sir Roo and I even wrote for the school newspaper and year book together.

Friends we were then, but through the years and living totally separate types of life ~ we had not seen one another for over 30 years.

Until I seen his name on social media. I could not figure out who (his real name) was. Then it hit me all at once! It was the funniest and sweetest guy I ever went to school with ~ only I did not know his real name all through the 4 years of high school we attended together ~ he was Roo!

The rest is history.

Covid-19 was the make or break of our relationship as it had to be for many couples.

There was food, fun, laughter, and a whole lotta love shared as a family ~ sharing space with a couple millennials for an entire year ~ FaceTiming with others for hours because we believed it was better to stay apart instead spreading anything to anyone.

Why have we created this blog?

After a series of unfortunate and unforeseen events in our lives together, we decided to record in writing our stories with many videos and photos captured (hopefully because no one will believe us if we cannot produce the evidence) of both the good and bad.

Our home even burned down.

Maybe we will even encourage others to be a little more adventurous at any and all stages of their own lives.

At the very least laugh a little with us and maybe some of our MISadventures we are surely to encounter.

Let The Creative Juices Flow

Sir Roo and I are both artists in our own rite and we respect one another’s opinions and ideas ~ whether we agree or not.

He being an actual visual artist with paint and sculptures and my own visual art with words in stories.

Therefore, together we are going to share our adventures while living full time in a RV traveling from place to place.

Please tune in and read where life (and our RV) takes us next!

In the meantime ~


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